BIOPRO Cell Phone Chip

   What exactly is the problem with cell phones? Just this - Cell phones use microwave beams (or fields of radiation) to connect to the nearest tower. The cell phone emits the same radiation in all directions. Can this radiation penetrate into your head? A study showed that it does penetrate an inch or so into an adult's head. This is disturbing enough, however, cell phone radiation penetrates halfway through a 5 year-old's brain, and almost a third of the way into a 10 year-old's brain.

    BIOPRO Cell Chips are now available to help protect from the dangerous radiation associated with cell phone and cordless phone use. This ground breaking technology harmonizes and neutralizes the dangerous electromagnetic fields coming from your a very affordable price!

   We are pleased to make the BIOPRO cell phone chip available to you. We are concerned about your health and only offer products that we are certain will be beneficial. Protect yourself and make your cell phone a healthy phone.

BIOPRO Cell Phone Chip
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