THE SKEETER ZAPPER is a revolutionary device that kills mosquitoes fast and clean. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use. THE SKEETER ZAPPER is a battery operated electronic Zapper. With a flick of the switch you have a light weight portable insect terminator that by simply touching the pest it is killed quickly. No more soiling clothing, skin or walls by crushing the mosquito with conventional fly swatters. No more polluting with repellent, inscence or insecticides.

  THE SKEETER ZAPPER is comprised of an easy to grip handle, neck and framework containing the electrodes. Inside the handle is where you will find a battery operated (2AA) high voltage generating circuit sufficient enough to kill an insect and is safe enough to be operated by a child. The charge is sent to electrodes safely enclosed between two insulated screens which will ZAP a mosquito with the slightest touch. All components of this device are of sturdy construction. Constructed with you the consumer in mind for repeated year to year use.

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